Bingo in the City

Review of City Bingo

In the crowded, chaotic world of bingo sites, the smart money is on figuring out how to make one’s experience significantly distinct from the rest of the competition.

City Bingo is, by all accounts, a jumbled environment that seems to depend largely on our ability to recollect episodes of old television series. If we were creating a website called City Bingo, we would probably choose to focus on the universal realities of living in a city – great food, fantastic culture, crowded public transportation, traffic jams, and all of the other random things that can only be found in a place with enough people for each individual to successfully lose themselves in the thick of things, even if it is only for a pre-determined amount of time.

Instead, the artists responsible for this piece have chosen a cat as their subject. Granted, he’s a cheerful-looking cat, and we’re big fans of cats in general, but there’s a lot to be said about being clear and consistent in one’s communication. The City Bingo emblem will appear at the top of the screen, and immediately below it will be the first appearance of our feline companion.

He looks to be dressed in a traditional Japanese attire, and the significance of this is beyond the grasp of this humble writer, except from a passing allusion to ‘Bingo In Hong Kong.’ It’s probably better not to inquire as to why.

Cat of the Week

There is no doubt, however, that there has been some influence from the television series Top Cat, which would be fine if the vast majority of the world’s population were actually familiar with it. The problem is that, aside from an appearance in an advertisement for one of the least credible banks in the United Kingdom, most of us haven’t seen or heard from TC in a very long time.

Therefore, why on earth would we react to a phony version of the character that is just different enough to escape copyright infringement but arrives after the actual character has already sold his soul for a price worse than Iggy Pop did?

I’ve finished my rant.

It’s easy to get a little carried away when reviewing bingo websites, especially when they’re uninspired or at the very least appear to be all over the place, but let’s be honest: you don’t give a damn about the design decisions any more than you do about whether or not Top Cat will ever make a genuine comeback in pop culture. What important are two things: whether or not the website functions well and whether or not the games are of high quality.

On both counts, the answer is a reassurance-inducing one. First and foremost, despite the fact that we are not very like of City Bingo’s general design and location, everything is exactly where it should be. The menus are simple to browse, and all of the information you could possibly need is displayed in an understandable manner. So, within minutes of opening the page, you already know that you will get free bingo tickets upon making your initial deposit at the site in question.

We also know that there are many different sorts of games to choose from, ranging from progressive jackpots to slot machines and super slots. Although they are far more restricted in terms of alternatives than you may find on a more comprehensive online bingo website, you can’t fault the creators for making an effort to make this a little more intriguing than your ordinary bingo website.

Table Games, for example, are limited to just two distinct varieties, which is unacceptable by any measure, much alone by the standards of someone who earns at least part of their job analyzing the advantages and (very tiny) differences between two different online casino or bingo websites.

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In common with the overwhelming majority of web-based gaming establishments, City Bingo goes to considerable efforts to entice players to return again and again, and possibly even never leave in the first place. Consider these in more detail since for some, this is the section of the website that has the greatest appeal—how to get the most out of whatever investment you decide to make in the first place.

It is officially called the Diamond VIP Club, and it is the name of the loyalty program at City Bingo. If you think that sounds classy, then welcome to 1970s Brooklyn, because to us it sounds more like a mediocre strip club located down a back alley, advertised to the street by a neon sign that no longer works properly—instead of being a constant, it’s an annoying blink—and advertised to the public by a neon sign that no longer works properly—instead of being a constant, it’s an irritating blink—