Overview of the Slot Game Leprechaun Heist

Blue Guru Games, the developers of Leprechaun Heist, describe themselves as a firm with a “passion for tales.” After learning that two of his relatives, Clarence and John Anglin, escaped from Alcatraz in 1962 and are still wanted by the FBI, one of the team members apparently suggested filming Leprechaun Heist. The program then moved on to discuss criminal activity among Irish Americans. In fact, the studio’s website has a ton of information for curious readers who want to learn more. Read on if you’re more interested in learning about a slot machine game inspired on a bank heist with an Irish American twist.

Before the game loaded, we assumed it would be like any other Leprechaun-themed slot machine: set in a lush, verdant region of the Emerald Isles and replete with pipes, beer steins, and four-leaf clovers. The game Leprechaun Heist is nothing like that. There’s definitely some Irish flavor here, but don’t expect to be led by a pretty fairy to a treasure chest. Instead, they face three masked criminals who are in a mad dash inside a bank in order to pull off a heist. From its bottom-up camera perspective to its inventive theme and Dropkick Murphys-inspired soundtrack, Leprechaun Heist managed to pique a decent amount of curiosity about where it was going.

Some mathematical formalities must be completed before we can proceed. This entails making wagers, with players able to set sums from 20 pence to £/€100 every spin across all devices. A dynamic game grid ranging in size from 5×5 to 7×7 occupies the screen’s center, and players win when at least 8 identical symbols appear on the grid. This scatter-paying slot is considered medium-high volatility and has a maximum theoretical return to player value of 96%.

Jewelry in green, blue, and red, a stack of bills, a necklace, several gold bars, and three characters make up the emblems. Scatter wins of 8 of a type pay between 0.1 and 1 times the wager, while scatter wins of 25 or more symbols pay between 3 and 30 times the wager. There are wild symbols in Leprechaun Heist, and they may act as a stand-in for any regular pay icon.

Features of the Slot Game Leprechaun’s Gold

After a specific amount of consecutive wins in Leprechaun Heist, special modifiers and features are activated. The symbols in a winning scatter position are eliminated by the tumble function and replaced by new symbols that fall into place. The process is repeated if the symbol drop results in a fresh victory. When you hit a winning combination, the bullet counter next to the reels fills up.

Gains in Firepower

Every four consecutive bullets gathered during a single basic game spin results in an Ammo Level Up, with a maximum of 16 victories possible.

After 4 wins, the Random Wild feature is activated, and the reels are populated with a random number of wild symbols.

After 8 consecutive victories, the Symbol Upgrade function activates, elevating one random symbol type to a greater value.

After 12 victories, the Symbol Transformer is activated, and one random symbol type is changed into another.

When you get 16 victories, you enter the Heist Free Games bonus and get 8 free games.

Free Games From The Heist

Different symbols with multipliers between 2x and 5x may appear during Heist Free Games. While Ammo Level Ups are still in effect, +5 extra free spins are granted after accumulating 16 wins. Additionally, a feature purchase option may be available in Leprechaun Heist. The Heist Free Games may be purchased at an RTP of 96% for 75 times the wager.

Slot Defeat in the Leprechaun Robbery

With the success of scatter win type slots like Sweet Bonanza and, subsequently, Gates of Olympus and its many offshoots, Pragmatic Play was able to establish a commanding lead in the market. Now, with the release of Leprechaun Heist, Blue Guru Games has entered to mix up the genre a bit, and it has done an adequate job of it. Appreciation for the game began in earnest when I searched the Blue Guru Games website for any tidbits of information I might have missed. Reading the backstory sparked curiosity and made a positive impact on Leprechaun Heist’s first impression. The game’s pulsating music was almost enough to convince me to give it a go.

In addition to admiring the novel camera placement and hip soundtrack, players also got to put Leprechaun Heist through its paces. The experience of playing was generally satisfying. Since victories occur often, the Ammo Levels Up feature’s modifiers also activate frequently. Eligible players who aren’t in the mood to pull together the requisite 16 wins can also purchase free spins for a reasonable sum. It’s feasible to be concerned that even extended chains of victories, with modifiers hacked in there to aid enhance them, won’t result in an outstanding reward because symbol values aren’t large. When compared to other games, Gates of Olympus has significantly larger symbol values and multipliers. Despite this, Leprechaun Heist still has a bigger win potential than its Ancient Greek competitor, at 6,706 times the bet. However, the maximum win frequency is not included in order to make a fair comparison.

Despite some rough spots, Leprechaun Heist ultimately delivers a satisfying adventure. While there are undoubtedly more exciting slots out there, Leprechaun Heist manages to stand out because to its entertaining visuals and sound design that suit the slot’s gameplay.