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Women’s basketball is on the rise as a result of a number of talents who are paving the way for the sport’s next generation. The WNBA’s parity may be its calling card, as five of the league’s twelve clubs have won titles between 2010 and 2018. Three others have at least qualified for the Finals.



Women’s basketball is on the upswing due to a few of players paving the way for the sport’s next generation, and all of the biggest basketball betting sites will give odds on each match. The WNBA’s parity may be its calling card, as five of the league’s twelve clubs won championships between 2010 and 2018. At least three others participated in the Finals.


Despite the absence of emphasis on athleticism and speed in NBA betting, ball movement, five-woman offense and defense, and X’s and O’s strategy create a free-flowing, easy-to-follow form of basketball betting.

Betting on WNBA Odds


Similar to NBA wagers, WNBA wagers include point spreads, moneylines, and over/under totals. If the Seattle Storm are -200 to win the game outright against the Minnesota Lynx, a £200 wager would provide £100 in wins. Similarly, if the underdog Lynx is +150 to pull off an upset, a £100 gamble would result in £150 in wins.


In a similar situation, the Storm might be -5.5 against the spread, making the Lynx +5.5 against the spread. Spreads typically cost bettors between -105 and -115, and winners and losers are determined by the final score plus (in the case of Minnesota) or minus (in the case of Seattle) the spread.


Over-under point totals are priced similarly to spreads. If the over-under for the Seattle-Minnesota game is 164.5, bettors can gamble the same -110 amount on whether the total points will be over or under that number. Individual player proposition wagers are also common and adhere to the same structure.


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Tips for WNBA Wagering


Star Power Reigns Supreme

Even though the WNBA has more of a “team” sense than the isolation-heavy NBA, it helps to have star power with only 12 teams.


Candidates for Most Valuable Player are perpetually in contention for the league’s top record while playing deep into the postseason. And while we probably won’t see anything comparable to the Warriors’ addition of Kevin Durant, stars want to play together.


Also, with only 34 games in the regular season, players have greater endurance. In contrast to the NBA, where stars play more than 90 games (including postseason), WNBA stars have less wear and tear; many players go overseas during the offseason, but the argument remains.


Identifying the team with the greatest player in a given matchup is typically a smart place to begin when evaluating a wager.


Rookies Can Shift the Balance

In the WNBA, where the skill pool is not as deep as in other professional leagues, there are possibilities for rookies to make immediate contributions. As noted, the league is quite competitive.


A portion of this is attributable to clubs acquiring talent with the top picks in the draft and watching them turn around a team’s fortunes. This can be crucial early in the season, before oddsmakers have changed their own estimates.


If a young rookie is heading upward, there is a greater likelihood of immediate success in the WNBA than in other leagues.


What to Think About While Betting on the WNBA

With only 12 clubs in the league and a 34-game schedule, it is only natural that these teams are quite familiar with one another. Playing each of the eleven teams at least thrice throughout a three-month period means that patterns are more important and less of an aberration.


Similar to other leagues and divisional opponents, this may indicate that games are closer because the advantage is diminished. Every team is, in a sense, a divisional opponent.


Postseason Plantings of Greater Quantity

The WNBA playoffs are really special. Eight of the twelve teams qualify for the postseason, with the top two seeds receiving a bye through the conference semifinals. In the quarterfinals, the third and fourth-seeded teams receive a bye.


So, there is a significant advantage for the top and second-seeded clubs during the regular season in terms of championship title odds. The first two rounds of the postseason consist of one-game “series” in which the winner takes all.


There is no margin for error. As the semifinals arrive, the format changes to a best-of-five series. Hence, a top-two seed must win six total postseason games to win the championship.


Home Teams Count

As in other professional sports, the home team has a significant edge. The fact that teams play so frequently in such a short period of time might make travel difficult. Oddsmakers will account for home teams, as they do in other professional sports, but a bettor’s bias can tip the scales.


Consider Pace

Coaches coach to the skill set of their roster. The WNBA has followed the national trend of increasing three-point shot use. Not only does this improve point totals, but so does the pace at which a team plays. A team with a greater defensive focus will attempt to decrease the tempo. A more athletic team may choose to move around.


When considering an over-under point total wager, a team’s unique tempo and whether a bettor believes that team will control the pace can make a major impact.


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